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Site History

Serving Marin County Since 1958


Jordan Smith, whose family is the namesake for Smith Ranch Road, established the 600-acre Redwood Landfill.


California created the Integrated Waste Management Board, issuing Redwood its first Solid Waste Facility Permit to accept sludge and solid waste.


New state and federal regulations governing landfill management went into effect, requiring significant investments by operators to meet the new standards.

Waste Management (future owner of Redwood Landfill) working closely with Assembly Member Byron Sher, supported the passage of AB 939, the nation’s first mandatory recycling law.


Smith sold Redwood Landfill to Sanifill, Inc.


Redwood Landfill received temporary permit to begin recycling fill materials. It was a leader in helping Marin comply with the new state recycling mandates.


USA Waste of California purchased Sanifill, Inc. including ownership of Redwood Landfill. Redwood instituted additional diversion activities, including composting of yard waste, grinding of concrete and asphalt for base rock and gravel and setting aside metals and appliances delivered by self-haulers for recycling.


Waste Management merged with USA Waste and became the owner and operator of the Redwood Landfill.


Redwood Landfill transferred ownership of 180 acres of land to the Marin Audubon Society to be restored to tidal wetlands.


Redwood Landfill designed, managed construction and paid for a $10 million overcrossing of Highway 101 at the entrance to the landfill.


Received updated Solid Waste Facilities Permit from CalRecycles.


Received updated Waste Discharge Requirements Permit from San Francisco Regional Waster Quality Control Board.


Received Title 5 Air Permit from Bay Area Air Quality Management District.


Constructed Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) composting facility, tripling capacity while reducing by 50% the emissions resulting from traditional windrow composting


Opened state-of-the-art landfill gas to electricity plant, delivering 3.9 megawatt of renewable electricity to 5,000 MCE customers annually